Online caravan finance

We all love the convenience of the online world and the seemingly unlimited access it provides us to just about everything. But when it comes to organising your caravan finance, you need to be aware of the difference between dealing with someone completely and somewhat ‘anonymously’ online and handling your finance via online tools such as email through a trustworthy, reliable finance broker like ourselves.

Some lenders will offer you online finance. Essentially that involves completing an online application form with all relevant details, them processing your application and offering you a caravan loan or rejecting you, all without any personal contact.

Sounds convenient, but at what cost?

In our professional opinion and with over 20 years of experience as highly regarded finance brokers, the cost is in the detail.

Sourcing your Carvan Loan from a Wide Numbr of Lenders

How hard did the ‘online’ business try to source you the best caravan loan?

You don’t know because you didn’t speak with them to get any indication of how interested they were in you.

How many banks and lenders did they canvass in sourcing your loan?

As professional finance brokers, we are accredited with a vast number of banks and lenders. In sourcing every loan offer we make to every customer, we use our extensive sources. We have more choices, which means more bargaining power, which means a better caravan loan for you.

Our consultants are expert negotiators and bargain the interest rate down for every caravan loan. We don’t like being beaten on interest rates. We want to put the pleasure into your caravan leisure with the best caravan loan.

Convenient Service Streamlined Process Personalised Loans

  • We provide a highly personalised service which is structured to source caravan loans which will specifically match every customer’s profile.
  • We streamline the process with email contact and online quote availability.
  • But we personalise with phone conversations and discussions that put YOU firmly in the centre of our work. We’re working for you.
  • We discuss the different options available to you and explain the details of Secured Caravan Loans versus Unsecured Personal Loans so you are making an informed decision.
  • For business customers, we provide details of all the commercial products we offer: Chattel Mortgage, Caravan Lease, Caravan CHP and Rent to Own.
  • Your consultant is available to keep you informed of the progress, answer your questions and handle the paperwork.

Our Online Resources

We provide extensive online resources for caravan purchases.

  • Online Caravan Loan Calculator
  • Online Quick Quote Application
  • Blogs and articles with hints and tips

For the personalised caravan finance experience that you deserve, with the convenience of online accessibility, contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants.